Then you waited, the adrenaline rising as the trip got closer and closer. Finally, the day  has come and you must pack. What to bring? What to bring? An African safari is different from any trip you may have to take. What you pack is definitely important. The following are some items that will need space in your bag.

1. Travelling documents

Especially, if you’re going on safari in another country, don’t leave your passport behind. Bring any other identification documents, in case you lose your passport. And we hope you don’t. Some essential documents to also bring include:

2. Camera and phone

“Africa is a magnificent gallery, a perfect setting for nature photography”.

The wildlife, enthralling landscapes, vibrant people and so on. There is so much about the continent that’s worth capturing.

This is why a good quality phone or camera will come in handy when you are on safari. Of course, make sure to turn the shutter off so as not to make any distracting noise for others or any animals. Startling animals with your noise is only the least dangerous thing that can happen. So, play it safe when on their turf.

Having a phone will also ensure that should you need to make important calls, you’re able to.

3. Clothes

Of course, we both know you’re not going to forget clothes! And your toiletries. But, are you packing the right clothes for an African safari?

Firstly, if you’re travelling from another country, take care not to go over the weight limits. Find out the size and weight limits for bags beforehand.

Secondly, always opt for comfortable, neutral and non-brightly coloured clothes which help you blend with nature. This means any leopard spandex you may have get to stay at home. Fabrics that dry quickly, trousers that can be turned into shorts, shirts with long sleeves to protect you from the sun’s rays and any mosquitoes are good options too.

Since temperatures may change while you’re out in the bush, it helps to bring clothes you’ll be able to wear in layers. As the day warms up you can remove one layer of clothing and put it back on once it gets chilly.

Other items to pack include:

“Please note that wearing camouflage is illegal in some African countries.”

If you’re not entirely sure about this, it’s probably best for you to leave any regalia resembling military uniforms at home. You don’t want a piece of fabric to be the reason why your African safari experience is ruined.

4. Medication

If you’re taking any medication, make sure to pack it. It’s always wise to place it in the bag you’ll have close to you especially when boarding planes or buses.

Africa has some areas that are prone to malaria outbreaks. It’s important for you to find out which areas are malaria infested. Still, bringing anti-malarial tablets or mosquito repellents will not hurt you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, anyway.

“Unforeseen ailments may happen during your African safari.”

You may get stomach aches or be stung by an insect. Or, you could get a sore throat.  So, make sure to throw in pain tablets, antihistamines, throat lozenges, or antiseptic cream into your bag.

5. Toiletries

Most camps are likely to have toiletries. Still, it’s always a good idea to pack your own hygiene products.

TIP: Place your most important items in your hand bag just to be safe in case any of your luggage is lost. And we hope it doesn’t.



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