When you are ready to book your stay at Matobo Hills Lodge or simply have any inquiries, you can be sure Blessing will be on the other line ready to assist you. She is  one of the two ladies working in the Booking and Reservations Department.

Blessing joined Matobo Hills Lodge last year in May.

A hardworking goal-getter, Blessing holds a Certificate in Travel and Tourism. In addition, she holds a Diploma in Tourism and Business Studies. Blessing also intends to study for her Degree in Business Management.

Blessing’s best part about working at Matobo Hills Lodge?

Well, Blessing says the best part about working at the Lodge is the opportunities to learn new things. She also enjoys talking to the different people who never cease to make her job even more interesting.

Talking to different people is not without its own challenges, this Blessing understands. Hence, she takes care to understand each client and their needs and know how best to handle them. Blessing knows that being able to do this will ensure that her interactions with the clients run as smoothly as is possible.

Blessing also enjoys going to the Lodge and being able to join guests on their activities which are always eye-opening.

Like many other staff members, Blessing has taken part in the fun activities that await guests who visit us. Unsurprisingly, she says she also enjoyed Rhino tracking.

When she is not working, she spends quality time with her partner and friends. If she is not doing that, Blessing also enjoys treating herself to a good romcom.

Blessing hopes to see many people coming to the Lodge because there is so much to enjoy and learn about at Matobo Hills.


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