Kudzai is a (class 1) Chef at Matobo Hills Lodge. This man has a King Midas’ Touch that sees him turn any simple ingredients into a finger-licking cuisine. He studied Professional Cookery at the Bulawayo Polytechnic College before coming to work as a Chef at the Lodge in 2016. Kudzai says cooking, an activity which delightfully engages all 5 of his senses, is one of his biggest passions. The process of making a meal teaches him to be mindful and strive for mastery. In addition, it gives him the platform to get those creative juices flowing and tinker with ingredients.

Kudzai also says that it is always important for him to remember that cooking changes just as customer’s taste in food changes. Therefore, this calls on him to keep abreast with those changing preferences and adjust his recipes accordingly so that his meals continue to appeal to our valued guests.

Like the other staff members, Kudzai enjoys being at the Lodge for long periods of time and working in an environment that is far away from distracting noise. Having been on some activities our guests can enjoy while visiting us, Kudzai says he enjoyed rhino tracking because of the adrenaline rush one gets from finding a rhino’s fresh footprints and tracking it on foot.

Kudzai hopes to see more visitors coming to the Lodge so he can give them a taste of his cooking. He also assures prospective guests that the relaxing surrounding will boost their energy and have them ready to conquer the world by the time they leave.

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