Matobo Hills is Listed in the 2018 World Monuments Watch

Wondering why it is listed in the World Monuments Watch (WMF)?

This natural landscape is threatened by several factors including deforestation.

That is the reason why.

The World Monuments Fund announced the List on 15 October 2017.  

The WMF is a private nonprofit organization founded in 1965.

The founders were concerned about the accelerating destruction of important artistic treasures.

These treasures are found throughout the world.

What is the purpose of the World Monuments Fund List?


This list contains 25 sites in more than various countries and territories.

These sites are facing various dangers such as .

All these pose a threat to the conservation of the heritage sites.

The World Monuments Watch List is announced twice a year.

It intends to protect our collective history and preserve our memory of it.

It also aims to strengthen social bonds of the different generations.

How does it do this?

Well –

The List gives these treasured sites and their challenges international airplay.

Additionally –

It identifies opportunities for local communities to collaborate with other stakeholders.

These include preservation agencies, governments and corporate sponsors.

All of them are interested in conserving our cultural and natural sites.

So far, the program has issued a call to action for around 814 sites.

What WMF CEO Has to Say About the List

Joshua David, President and CEO of WMF says,

“By building an international coalition,

the World Monuments Watch protects both the sites and the shared history they embody.

We may be best known for the excellence of our conservation practices,

but the human impacts of our work ultimately mean the most.

Sites like the 25 on the 2018 Watch are where we come together as citizens of the world.

We are prompted to renew our commitments to justice, culture, peace, and understanding.”

What threats are Matobo Hills facing?

Matobo Hills, known for its granite rock formations, is on the 2018 WMF watch list.

The park is under stress from various activities.

These include deforestation, grazing, graffiti and damaging fires caused by human activities.

Population growth along with scarce natural resources is leading to its degradation.

Deforestation also threatens the rock paintings.

Their protective barriers, trees, are slowly disappearing.

The result?

The delicate paintings are left exposed to damaging weather conditions.

They are also more vulnerable to fire damage.

How Matobo Hills Lodge is helping to preserve Matobo Hills

Matobo Hills Lodge understands the importance of preserving our heritage sites.

Their preservation is tied to the successful continuity of our business.

Thus –

Conservation, environmental consciousness, and responsible tourism are central to our operations.

Every month, we have a pick-litter day at our Lodge.

Our Manager, Grey Nyama, oversees this. 

We hope that our efforts will help conserve Matobo Hills.