Results Of The Matobo Hills Quiz

We ran a quiz testing your knowledge of the Matobo National Park. The Matobo Hills quiz was a huge success.  Nearly 450 of you responded within the 48-hour time-frame for the competition.

Interestingly enough, no one managed to get 100% of the questions correct. Still, congratulations to the winner, Shylet Moyo.

If you haven’t taken the fun & interactive quiz yet, you can take it here – Matobo Hills Quiz

Q1: When did Matobo National Park become a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

More than half of you got the first question right!

Matobo Hills Lodge Quiz

Matobo National Park was designated World Heritage Site status in 2003.

This is due to the its cultural, aesthetic, and historical significance.

Q2: What is the wettest month of the year in the Matobo Hills?

Nearly 70% of the respondents answered correctly. January is the wettest month of the year.

Matobo Hills Lodge Quiz

Zimbabwe generally has fantastic weather.  The days can get very hot (30-35 C), especially October through to December.

The nights get cold during winter, with July being the coldest.

Zimbabwe’s rainy season starts from November and runs through until April. Between December and February, the average rainfall is usually over 100mm.

Q3: Which of these caves is Silozwane Cave in the Matobo Hills?

Again, most of the respondents got the answer right.

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Silozwane Cave contains some of Africa’s most magnificent rock paintings.

These paintings depict the way of life of the painters – the San. They are between 1500 and approximately  10000 years old.

The paintings range from delicate wildlife sketches to gritty re-enactments of hunting.

Those of you who chose the ice cave – c’mon, pick up your Matobo fact game!

Q4: True or False. The White Rhino has pointed lips which allow it to easily grasp shrubs.

An exact 60/40 split but…two thirds of the respondents got it wrong.

Matobo Hills Lodge Quiz

The White Rhino is the wide lipped rhino. Its square lips allow it to easily graze grass.

It’s the Black Rhino which has pointed lips. They enable it to easily grasp shrubs and small twigs (browse).

Read about the differences between these two species here.

Q5: How far is the Matobo Hills from the city of Bulawayo?

Of the lot who completed the Matobo Hills Quiz, 384 were correct.

Matobo Hills Lodge Quiz

Matobo Hills is located some 34kms to the South of Bulawayo. This is the distance to the entrance gate.

You will travel another 17km to reach Matobo Hills Lodge.

Q6: Who was buried on top of the Malindidzimu Mountain at Matobo National Park?

Almost everyone (93.1%) got the answer to the question right.

Matobo Hills Lodge Quiz

Cecil J. Rhodes requested to be buried on the sacred hill. He used to visit this Hill which he called, “World’s View”.

Cecil wanted his grave covered with a plain brass plate. The grave draws many from far and wide to the natural landscape.

Q7: Matobo National Park was named in which of the following Lists?

Nearly two thirds of you (65.6%) knew the answer to the question.

Matobo Hills Lodge Quiz

Matobo National Park was named in the 2018 World Monuments Watch List. It shares this international airplay with 24 others sites around the world.

The List highlights the threats faced by the heritage sites. It also calls on society to act accordingly and help preserve them.

Q8: Matobo National Park has the world’s highest concentration of which bird?

A little over 50% of the respondents got this one right.

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Matobo National Park has the world’s highest concentration of the Black Eagle. The Black Eagle is a bird of prey and it can grow to 70 – 80 cm in length.

This nest-predator feeds on mammals, birds and eggs. It’s curved claws and wide gape allow it pick up eggs from nests.

The Black Eagle can be easily spotted by its large size, dark colour and unusually slow flight.

Q9: When was Matobo National Park established?

Over two thirds of the respondents knew the answer to the question.

Matobo Hills Lodge Quiz

Matobo National Park was established in 1926. This makes it the oldest National Parks in Zimbabwe.

The Park is home to diverse fauna and flora. Some of its Hills are believed to be sacred.

Age-old rituals continue to take place there. Many, from Zimbabwe and beyond, converge to the Matobo shrines to pray for rain.

Q10: True of False. A White Rhino is a grazer.

Interestingly enough, 85% of the respondents knew that the White Rhino is a grazer.

Matobo Hills Lodge Quiz

As mentioned above, its wide lips help it when feeding on the grass.

Those who knew this should have been able to also know that Q6 was false. Q6 implied that the Rhino is a browser with pointed lips.

Q11: Which one of these caves is not found at Matobo National Park?

This question was fairly easy and 355 respondents got it right.

Lascaux is not found at Matobo National Park.

Matobo Hills Lodge Quiz

It is located in the Dordogne region of southwestern France. Lascaux is estimated to be over 17,000 years old.

Lascaux is home to paintings consisting primarily of large animals.

The cave is believed to have been discovered by 4 teenagers on 1940. It was opened to the public in 1948.

However, by 1955, carbon dioxide and heat had damaged the rock art. Thus, the cave was closed to the public in 1963.

Q12: Elephants do not live in the Matobo Hills. Which of the following animals are not found in the Matobo National Park?

Nearly 60% of the respondents of the Matobo Hills Quiz got the answer right.

Lions are not found in the Matobo region but ancient cave paintings suggest they once roamed the area.

Matobo Hills Quiz

Zimbabwe has a relatively large population of lions. Hwange National Park is the biggest game reserve in the country and is said to be home to about 5oo lions.

There have been instances where lions broam freely in the communities.

According to Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, there were 59 lion attacks in 2017. None of these attacks were in the Matobo Hills.

Q13: Matobo National Park is a World Heritage Site. Which of the following Zimbabwean sites is not a World Heritage Site?

Of the 447 respondents, 179 got the answer right. The Chinoyi Caves ARE NOT a World Heritage Site.

Matobo Hills Quiz

There are 5 sites in Zimbabwe which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Q14: True of False. Matobo National Park is 1 of 8 Heritage Sites chosen to receive a grant by the World Monuments Watch.

Most of the respondents of the Matobo Hills Quiz got the last question right. As mentioned earlier, the Park is on the 2108 World Monuments Watch List.

It’s also a recipient of the US$1 million donated by the Watch. The funds are meant to aid efforts to preserve the selected sites.

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The other sites are