Oliver Ransford’s Description of Matopos

By on July 13, 2016

Matobo Hills Lodge would like to share the description of Matopos by Oliver Ransford – pretty accomplished we think!  If this doesn’t lure you then nothing will!

“Well-wooded kloofs, great naked fingers of rock, the strangely beautiful sheets of ocherous color painted by lichen, blue heraldic lizards motionless in the sun, green transparent evenings, huge boulders delicately balancing on one another, extensive, ‘bald’ dwalas exhaling the musty archaic tang of living rock, clear streams, a natural ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ which runs for twenty-five straight miles, hidden vleis, black eagles wheeling endlessly in the Matopos skies, a great sense of restlessness and of indefinite surprises, the strangely grotesque architecture of the landscape which yet achieves a new dimension of beauty – all these qualities compose and constitute the Matopos Hills.’

Powerful poetry, come and see for yourself.









Photo Credit: Jason Walters

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